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Help Center.

Here you can find all your questions about our products. Any further questions? Please contact us.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery conditions outside the Netherlands and Belgium.

DE: In Germany, we deliver your package free of charge to your door at street level. Instructions and tools for assembly are packed with your order. We offer an assembly and package removal service for an additional €500. You can select this option during checkout.

FR/AU/SW/DK: In these countries we can only offer standard service at the moment. Your package will be delivered free of charge to your door at street level. Instructions and tools for assembly are packed with your order.

For self-assembly, we recommend having at least 2 strong people present.

Do I get a guarantee on my purchase?

You certainly do - we offer a 5-year guarantee on our tables. Warranty covers manufacturing defects (cracks and tears).

Delivery conditions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

- We always deliver free of charge to the ground level throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
- For delivery on floors where a dining table fits into a passenger lift, this is also free.
- Delivery of all our dining tables to floors without a lift is not included. For this, we ask you to provide your own moving lift to the floor or it can be facilitated by our carrier at an additional cost.

For deliveries that require a moving elevator, we charge €275 to cover the cost of the moving elevator.

Please note: it is the customer's responsibility to indicate whether or not delivery is to be made to a story and to assess whether the dining table will fit into a passenger lift. You can indicate this in the order and inform the carrier when making a delivery appointment.

Will my products be installed at home?

All dining tables are installed in your home by the transport company. Please note the conditions for free floor delivery. Please read the question 'Is delivery always free of charge?

The following products of coffee tables, side tables and occasional tables are not installed:
- Side tables
- Side table sets
- Round coffee tables 60cm or 80cm
- Square coffee tables 60cm or 80cm

The above tables come in two separate parts (top + frame) that are easy to install. All other coffee tables and coffee table sets (round or square) are installed by the transporter.

Can I have my order delivered at any time?

As soon as an order is ready with us, it is transferred to the carrier and they contact you to make an appointment for delivery. You can then indicate when this is most convenient for you.

Would you like the order to be delivered in a while, for example, because of a move or renovation? That is not a problem! You can indicate in the order notes in which period you want your order to be delivered, and we will take this into account. The carrier will also contact you in time to plan a date.

What happens after I order?

After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. As soon as the delivery is ready, we will contact you to schedule the delivery. Our carrier will come to your home on the agreed date to place and assemble the table.

What is the delivery time of our products?

Delivery time averages 6-8 weeks, but may vary by product. When ordering multiple items, the product with the longest delivery time always applies, as we will deliver all items at once.

We always strive to meet the specified delivery times, however, it may happen that they vary slightly due to external factors. We will inform you in time of the exact delivery time, after which our carrier will contact you to schedule an appointment for delivery.

About Gemma Tables

Table Undercarriages

We only offer the frames as shown on our website.

Almost all our frames are made of black powder-coated steel. For dining tables, this is 2.5 cm thick and for coffee tables 1.5 cm.

For some tables, several colours of frames are available. These are automatically displayed within the configurator. It is not possible to order our pedestals in a different colour than indicated.

What is the right table size for me?

For our rectangular dining tables, we apply the rule of thumb: Please allow +/- 60 cm per chair. In addition, the space between the table legs should be taken into account. Our standard 200 cm tables leave 184 cm between the legs and are therefore suitable for placing 3 chairs on either side.

For round tables: diameter 120cm = 4 chairs, 140cm = 6 chairs, 160cm = 8 chairs.

See also in our configurator the heading "Size assistance" for more information.

Can I select a specific table top or view it in advance?

Yes, you can. Make an appointment to visit our showroom and choose from our range of 40 materials.

Where do Gemma's tables come from?

We design all our products ourselves and then assemble them in the Netherlands with the best possible quality materials. The suppliers of our stones come from every corner of the world. We always check for consistency before shipping the products to the customer and continue to continuously optimize in durability and quality.

About Marble & Maintenance

Natural unevenness

Each top is unique and that makes your table so special. The marble is extracted from nature and therefore has natural marks. Often there are still unevennesses and superficial fossils in the top, despite the polishing. Therefore, do not confuse these irregularities with damage to the top. You can discover hairline cracks, rough spots or small pits in the marble (this is also called Taroli). This does not pose any risk to the quality and durability of your table.

Cleaning advice

When cleaning marble, avoid using aggressive acidic agents such as Glassex, Dreft and damp cleaning cloths. Rather use green soap or a natural stone cleaner. Also make sure that no water remains by using a slightly damp cloth and then immediately wiping the table with a dry cloth.

To remove stains, we recommend polishing the surface with Bellinzoniwax and then using double-zero steel wool to buff out the wax. Then clean with Lithofin Easy Clean, this will keep the stone resistant to water and stains.

Is my marble table sensitive to stains?

Marble is a porous natural stone. Acids or liquids can cause dull stains and circles if left to soak in. We therefore advise you to use coasters and/or placemats and to immediately wipe down the table with a damp cloth in the event of spills. In addition, we recommend that you periodically treat the table with an impregnating agent to protect it even better.

How do I protect my marble table?

All our marble tables have a glossy polish that provides protection. The top is also pre-treated with an impregnating agent for natural stone. This treatment provides the table with an extra layer of protection against acids, moisture and dirt. We also recommend using coasters and placemats to protect your table.

Repeat the impregnation treatment every 2/3 months with at least 1 coat of new impregnation. This ensures that your table remains maximally protected. You can buy the impregnating agent via this link.

Despite an impregnation layer, user marks may appear on your marble table over time. This cannot be avoided with natural products and is part of the character of natural stone. Should you still want your table to look like new again, we recommend having it repolished once in a while.


Can I pay afterwards?

This is possible, please choose the option "Klarna Afterpay" during checkout. Please note that this payment method must first be approved and authorised before we can process the order.

Want to know more about Klarna Afterpay? Visit:
Is your order not approved by Klarna? Unfortunately we have no insight in why this happens. Please contact the customer service of Klarna.

How can I pay for my order?

Gemma accepts the following payment methods:

- iDeal
- Credit card
- Klarna Afterpay (read more about this at "Can I pay afterwards?)
- Paypal
- Bank transfer (SEPA)
- Apple Pay